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Apoorvi Jha



Apoorvi Jha finished her 5-year BA.LLB (Hons.) from Jindal Global University at Sonipat. In 2018 she joined Instituto Superior Derecho y Economia (ISDE), Madrid to finish her first post- graduation in International Sports Law. She worked at an exclusive international sports law firm namely Tannuri Ribeiro Advogados in Sao Paulo, Brazil for more than a year and finally decided on returning back home to India to share her knowledge about International Sports Law and her passion for Sports (in general). In 2020, she is currently finishing the course on Sports Management, which will be her second post-graduation from ISDE.

The sporting world is full of characters, many we admire and even try to emulate. But what happens when the biggest names in sports or the top teams in the world are caught in a legal quagmire? Well, there is a small but speedily growing army of sports lawyers that bats for them in courts. Or against them, in some cases! And this exciting work life is exactly what Apoorvi had the chance to experience and she aims to share the same with as many people as she can.

Our Aim

We, at Sportzine, aim at creating a Sports Community For All enthusiasts and professionals, to come together and share their interests with us, alongside sharing ideas on professions and academia in Sports, in order to help those who aren’t aware of the niche professionals areas in Sports that are outside the playing grounds and stadiums.

Sports has a positive impact on an individual not just physically but holistically at a personal level. It helps an individual to not just learn basic game tactics or fame, but rather much bigger aspects like analytical thinking, goal setting and risk taking, leadership skills and many more. Still there are many who tend to not think highly of physical education and Sports.

Sports in many societies, is not taken seriously or practiced mandatorily because it is a “norm” that “if you are not good, then you will not earn enough to survive and if you cannot succeed, then what is the point in even practicing it!”.

Our aim is to break this barrier of not taking the positive effects of Sports seriously enough and creating awareness among people of all age groups, irrespective of sex or interests to indulge in physical education and practicing some Sport or other.

This website is dedicated to Sports and its various aspects including Sports Science, Sports Physiology, Sports Specific Training, Physical Deformities and their cures, Yoga-Meditation and its effects and many more. We intend on introducing these aspects in an informative manner in order to generate awareness among the positive effects of Sports in a human body, brain and personality, so that our readers feel more confident and motivated to practice Sports not as a privilege but as an important commodity.