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Business Advisory


As businesses around the globe prepare themselves for a post Covid world, our focus lies in helping them to adapt with a firm grasp on both risks and rewards. From broken supply chains and relentless competition, to disrupted industries and government policies, our carefully calibrated response plans help our clients continue to thrive. Our comprehensive range of advisory services include

Entry planning and corporate structuring

Entry planning is required in order to strategize a solid market entry which further helps to ensure a strong base for businesses. Moving on, we also aid organisations in structuring their organisations with respect to various goals and departments.

Developing and validating business plans

We help our clients develop and validate business plans after evaluating various business elements like corporate structure, market research, strategies and financial documents. This helps them improve resource utilisation and set performance standards.

Evaluating and performing deal due diligence

During merger, acquisition and strategic investments transactions, deal due diligence becomes imperative with respect to the financial statements, technology, assets, customers, management, legal liabilities and other corporate affairs. Sampat & Mehta recognizes this and assists clients in detailed evaluation and performance tracking, thus pinpointing risks for the same.

Advice on group restructuring

Business restructuring usually takes place when a company is going through a financial distress and is unable to manage its capital structure. It is also conducted in case of mergers and acquisitions. Our experts ensure fair modifications in the operations, significantly improving the costs in the financial structure and creating a modernised business entity.

Advice on structuring investments

Structuring inbound and outbound investments goes a long way in planning and analysis of national and international taxation policies. We not only evaluate the amount of tax levied on a particular investment, but also analyse the future profitability and ROI.

Advice and support in ERP

Evaluation, planning and structuring of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system guides an organisation to map the complex problems and common mistakes while its implementation. Successful execution of ERP helps brands experience smooth coordination between various resources, information and activities within itself.

Valuation of shares

At Sampat & Mehta, our adept team typically conducts valuation of shares for FDI, tax regulations, amalgamations and mergers by using their experience and knowledge and represents this with a clear picture of a company’s share value.

Advice on real estate

With years of experience in the real estate industry, we understand its vulnerabilities and opportunities. This makes our skilful and empowered team partner with clients, in offering assistance for real estate acquisition, disposal covering taxation, stamp duty as well as property regulations.