Slide Welcome to the world of Website Development JS HTML CSS Slide Our Dark Secret a Web Designer! I am Not
Slide JS Introduction To Web Technologies
Slide HTML Content and basic structure Describe and defines tags Tells the browser what to display The Body Slide How Does It's Look How Does It's Works Slide CSS Gives style and structure
to the content
Link the CSS file to the HTML Tells the browser how to display The Accessories
Slide How Does It's Look Other Example Slide Java Script Behaviour of the website Used for interactive functionality Allows for the user to interact
with the browser
The body’s ability to
perform actions
Slide How Does It's Works Slide PHP Server side scripting language. PHP Code are executed
on the server
Result returned to the
browser : plain HTML.
Acronym : Hypertext Preprocessor
Slide How PHP Works Slide What Is The .NET Framework? Security Debugging Elimination of DLL Hell Multi-language Support Automatic Resource Management Type Safety Cross- Language Interoperability: Slide App Models ADO .Net ASP .Net WinForms Slide Thank You