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About Us

Gardenia Cosmotrade LLP is an established and trusted marketing & distribution organisation connecting aspiring consumers in India with trusted, valued national and international brands. 

Our integrated offerings across the brand value chain make us a unique one-stop-shop providing a wide spectrum of end-to-end services and solutions ranging from market-entry advisory & product registration services, to strategic marketing & advertising solutions, to omnichannel sales & distribution networks.

Our vibrant and growing portfolio includes domestic and international brands across multiple categories like Home Care, Personal Care, Hygiene and Grooming, Pain Management, etc.

They include Gatsby and Junsui brands from Mandom Corporation (Japan), Tiger Balm from Haw Par Healthcare (Singapore), Barbie and Hot Wheels from Mattel (USA), Doraemon from Japan, Chris Adams from U.A.E., Zuci &amp, Zuci Junior from Zodhita (formulated in USA) and Top Collection &amp, Oops, our own in-house developed brands in India.

At Gardenia, we pride ourselves on our integrity, transparency, and dedication to deliver value with values.

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