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Rose Water




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Best In Nature
Chemical Free
Himalayan Born


The soft, pliable bristles of the face brush supports deep cleansing of the skin. It helps to clear out the pores and soften skin.

The wash has powerful antioxidant and melanin blockers that keep excess melanin in check and boost skin radiance.

This foaming face wash with built-in brush helps to clear away dirt and pollutants from the skin, which helps the skin to absorb beneficial actives from moisturizers better.

Key Ingredients

Contains the enzyme glabridin that helps to fight UV rays and prevent excess melanin production so your skin is bright and even-toned, helps to reduce scars and dark spots.

A powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals which cause skin damage.

Rich in vitamin C, fatty acids and minerals, these help to purify skin, and reduce excess sebum.

Why Rose Water ?

Repairs skin with special organic extracts that help to maintain skin pH level

Improves skin’s moisture retention and removes excess oil

Decreases pore size leaving skin looking clean and clear


1. Cleans your face and pat dry
2. Close your eyes and apply evenly across the face and neck
3. Lightly pat in with your fingertips and let it air dry


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